Dick Dyszel has been entertaining a wide variety of audiences for decades. During the '70s and '80s he was a Producer/Talent for WDCA-TV in Washington, DC.  During those years he appeared in  "The Bozo Circus" and became a TV icon as Captain 20.  As The Captain, Dick brought to families, such educational and informational shows as, "The Channel 20 Club," "W.O.W.!," and the Emmy Award winning "Kids' Break!"



For the adult audience, Dick became Washington's longest running Horror Host as Count Gore De Vol, who made the best out of some really bad movies on "Creature Feature!  In 1998, The Count took on international celebrity status by becoming the first Horror Host on the Internet with "Creature Feature the Weekly Web Program."  A continuous stream of new material is produced in his suburban TV studio. 






In 2018, the FREE streaming channel Count Gore De Vol Presents premiered on international Roku Devices. At the start of every month the content of the channel is updated to provide:
4 Classic Horror films hosted by The Count!
4 Celebrity interviews by either The Count or The Horror Nerd, Todd Staruch!
2 Award Winning Short Horror Films by exciting new film makers!

In addition, The Count appears at a number of conventions across America.




In 1986, Dick left TV to start "Laser Sounds," the DC area's first all Digital DJ service, providing the highest quality music for Wedding Receptions, School Dances, Company Parties and fashion shows.  In 1995, he moved to Chicago and restarted the company as "Sounds Fabulous," continuing a tradition of reliability and service second to none.

In 2005, Dick returned to the Virginia, Maryland and Washington, DC area, bringing with him an incredible music library, top professional sound systems and a wealth of experience that money just can't buy!

In 2015, after 29 years and over 1,000 wedding receptions Dick retired from the DJ business to focus on Count Gore De Vol!